Wicked Wedding Gift for KFC Photo Couple

Louis Davis chose to have a wedding photo outside the Whangarei KFC, earning him and his bride, Ashleigh Davis, a trip to Kentucky and a year's supply of fried chicken

Wicked Wedding Gift for KFC Photo Couple

The newlyweds who posed for a wedding photo in front of a KFC restaurant are off to the home of the fried chicken giant.

Ashleigh Davis agreed her new husband, Louis, could have one photo of his choice following their wedding in Whangarei last Saturday.

He chose his favourite fast-food joint and an image of the couple kissing outside the Whangarei branch has gone global.

KFC responded this morning with a special wedding gift - return airfares to the American state of Kentucky, where the late Colonel Harland Sanders started the fried chicken empire bearing the state's name in 1930.

A KFC representative broke the news to the couple on TVNZ'sBreakfast show this morning.

"You'll be visiting the head office and you can see where it all began," the representative told the couple.

KFC have also promised the couple a year's supply of KFC.

The stunned newlyweds grinned at the news, with Ashleigh Davis hugging the man who delivered it.

"Oh my god, I didn't even think we'd get a year's supply of KFC," Mrs Davis said.

"He was hoping just for a Snack Box, just some Wicked Wings."

Mr Davis responded with a message for his father, who has previously expressed concern at his son's three-times-a-week KFC habit.

"If my dad is watching Breakfast, he told me I eat too much KFC. Hi, Dad."

He asked his bride if she felt excited about their restaurant of choice for the year's coming date nights.

"Are you excited thinking about all the dates we're gonna have?"

-NZ Herald