KFC will continue to show our support for SLSNZ this year.

Every year, since 2013, we’ve proudly backed Surf Life Saving New Zealand (SLSNZ), and this summer’s no different!

KFC will continue to show our support for SLSNZ this year.

As of Tuesday 25th February 2020, we have donated $147,852​​ to Surf Life Saving New Zealand.

From Friday 8th October 2019, you can buy any KFC Bucket and we’ll donate to SLSNZ. 

Surf Life Saving New Zealand rescues 1000's of kiwis on our beaches each year and need our support to keep Surf Life Saving alive. Over the years, thousands of people have been given a second chance at life, thanks to their surf lifeguards. Unlike other essential services, SLSNZ receive no direct government funding. KFC has been a proud partner, in 2018 we raised $180,119.00 for SLSNZ.

If you wish to donate you can do so here

KFC & SLSNZ tips to keep you water safe this summer: 
·       Visit a patrolled beach (www.findabeach.co.nz).
·       Listen to the advice of lifeguards.
·       Always keep an eye on children in the water.
·       Get a friend to come in the water with you - never swim or surf alone.
·       Always stay between the flags.
·       Learn to recognise rips…they look like calm patches of water, and sometimes have waves break into the side. Rippled, discoloured or foamy water with debris can also mean there is a rip present.
Terms and Conditions:
Set combination applies. For every bucket purchased from a KFC between 8/10/19 to 24/02/20, KFC will make a donation to Surf Live Saving New Zealand.