KFC Fort Street | Now Open!

Going Uptown in Downtown Auckland

KFC Fort Street | Now Open!

The original celebrity chef has arrived in what has become one of the hottest parts of Auckland City: Fort Street!

Check out the opening hours for KFC Fort Street here.

KFC has been missing from the heart of the Auckland CBD for too long, the Fort Street site was an opportunity to introduce a new, never seen before experience.
A unique location thanks to its position and the range of customers expected, we knew we had to offer something new and different - so we’ve come up with a fresh, urban concept that brings together the best of KFC.

In an NZ first, KFC Fort Street offers table service and you can place your order directly via self-serve kiosks. Even better, the store is open til 2am from Thursday to Saturday.

Our famous chip seasoning will also be available on tables, so you can add more of your favourite flavour yourself 👌
We can't wait to see you there, come down and visit for your favourite fried chicken - we're open for business!