11 Secrets we can share

If Colonel Harland Sanders could hear some of the rumours doing the rounds on the internet about his famous chicken, he’d be rolling in his gravy. Scroll down to see 11 secrets we can share and put that chicken chat to rest.

Learn some juicy nuggets of truth about KFC.


Our Chicken is fresher than the Colonel's suit and string tie.

#1 - Fresh Chicken. From farms just down the road.

#2 - Our lettuces go from field to fork in 48 hours.

#3 - All our produce is prepared where it’s served.

That’s how we do fresh.



#4 - Every piece is prepared for perfection.

#5 - KFC is made by cooks, not machines.

#6 - Our cooks don't just wing our wings

#7 - Pressure frying - The Colonel’s 2nd best invention.

Now we're cooking!


Original Taste

#8 - Our secret seasoning makes our chips a cut above.

#9 - 86 years old and our Original Recipe's never smelled better.

#10 - The 11 herbs and spices recipe is locked in a safe somewhere in Kentucky.

#11 - Nobody’s ever cracked our Secret Recipe.

You can stop licking your lips now.


All this myth busting making you hungry?
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