KFC Homegame Winners

Congratulations to all of our KFC Homegame prize winners!

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The following fans scored a free Super Rugby jersey:

Regan T.
Niamh D. 
Georgina E.
Samuel C.
Joseph H.

Owen M.
Amanda R.
Owen M.
Deepu S.
Chelsea H.

Nathan B.
George W.
Kara G.
Phoebe G.
Aaron M.

And these fans won a free rugby ball:

Stacey I.
Keegan B.
Jordan M. 
Joe H.
Amber S. 
Jackee-Marie M.
Tim D.

Owen M.
Ronil M.
Ngawari T.
Sumantha P.
Amelia L.
Daniel V.
Daniel W.

Jamie L.
Christine E.
Sean D.
Alice M.
Masa S.
Courtney K.
Helena O.