So Good Stories

Find out why fresh tastes best...

Kiss the cook

Our trained cooks hand bread and season your chicken in-store, then cook it to perfection so you can enjoy the tastiest, most succulent chicken around.

Lower Sodium

We've been working hard to reduce sodium levels on our products and proud to say we've made a 10% reduction in all KFC products and are always continuing on working to reduce sodium.

Nutrition & Allergens

Our customers want to know just what's in their food, so we're happy to provide detailed nutritional information both instore and online so you can choose what is right for you.

Secret recipe

Each piece of Original Recipe chicken is seasoned with the Colonel’s legendary 11 secret herbs and spices to make every mouthful taste so good.

Kiwi chicks rule

We love New Zealand and our chickens do too. All our chicken comes from two trusted Kiwi suppliers, Inghams and Tegel.

Fresh is best

Our chicken is delivered fresh to every KFC store in the country almost every day of the week. It’s carefully prepared in-store by our trained cooks because we believe fresh tastes best.

Hello sunflower

KFC chicken is cooked in a blend of high oleic canola and sunflower oil (and trust us, that’s the good stuff), which means you get the same great taste with less than 1g trans-fats.

Grain is good

The chickens we use for our Original Recipe chicken are all grain-fed and barn-raised